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ACSD 2004 Application of Concurrency to System Design June 2004.  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Published by: IEEE Computer Society Press IOS Press Excursion to: Niagara Falls
Sponsors: Software Quality Research Laboratory, McMaster University Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University CITO Intel Motorola

ACSD 2004 Registration Information

For registration, please perform the following steps:

  • Download the registration form - many browsers also allow to access it via a PDF plugin.

  • Use, for example, the freely available Acrobat Reader software to fill in the fields of the form, and print the result.

    (You may not be able to save the filled-in form.)

  • Alternatively, print the form, and fill it in manually.

  • Send the filled-in form by Fax to Doris Burns, +1-905-525-6246

  • If you do not receive e-mail confirmation within one week of submitting your registration, please email

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